I program websites for you!

If you are looking for an experienced web-author who progams your web site for a fair price, a website which is really custom-made, it is just "Zinnfiguren Rieger" you need.

Sophisticated HTML-code, PHP-scripts and Java-script allow dynamic websites containing online-shops specially made for you and much more. Experiences with PayPal make your business more easy.
My special experience are tin figures, but this would naturally not keep me from making quite different websites too. A "Standard-site", as to say a start-site including up to ten "sub-pages" would cost round about 300 Euro. A very little site (only 3 or 4 sub-pages) cost 100 Euro. Personal web shops cost - depending on their complexity - extra. The hosting of a site would cost 25 to 50 Euro per year, depending on their size.


Karl-Werner Rieger
Hufenkamp 4
24119 Kronshagen

Tel.: 0431/528333 Fax: 0431/2602424 E-Mail: kalle.rieger@hotmail.de

Mail to: kalle.rieger@hotmail.de

Naturally my own site and:

 Welsh Cobs

Concerning all references I have to say that my function concerning the layout was only consultative. The rest was done exactly at customers option!