The engraving of a slate mould

The moulds for flat figures are made of a special sort of slate.Flat tin figures have a front side and a back side, so you need two plates of slate.
Zinnfiguren gravieren Teil 1
After having traced the drawing on the first plate, you engrave the first half of the figures.


Zinnfiguren Gravieren Teil 2

Two cones of tin connect the two plates of slate in a way, that they can no more move against one another. So it is possible to make a print of the first plate on the second plate, which you now engrave as the back side of the figures. The bases of the figures have to be engraved into the small sides of the plates.


Zinnfiguren Gravieren Teil 3

Further you have to add a channel for the alloy and fine channels for the air which will be pressed out of the mould if you will cast the figures.