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All programs are written in german!
Installation from XP to WIN 10

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Arbeitsplaner1 is a free offer of fa. Rieger.
Arbeitsplaner1 was programmed a second time and is now usable without obstacles again. The old datas may be used also by Arbeitsplaner1.

"Arbeitsplaner" is a progam which offers much more then usual applications in which you can only enter your dates. "Arbeitsplaner1" is able to manage the working time of up to 100 employees of a business. "Arbeitsplaner" can also be used in a network!

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Hallo Merle 2.7
If you have a little local network at home and your children do not want to come to eat because they are sitting before their computers. You can send them a message. Hallo Merle is a free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger
Hallo Merle only makes sense if you have successfully installed a local network with at least two computers.

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Aufgenommmen bei REBUCH 5.24.01
Trial version
REBUCH is now fully compatible to Windows10.
REBUCH is not a free offer. The full version costs 20 Euro plus postage and package.
Did you allready try software for administrative accounting? And did you put it away, frightened like me, because there was so much to do before you could write a sipmle invoice?
REBUCH helps you to do it like writing a letter, some mouseklicks for accounting and all is done. REBUCH also manages your stock, calculates your things for the finance office and a lot more - if you want - if not, you may only write your invoice and forget it.

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 Buecher2. Exe V.
Trial version.

New: completely Vista compatible. Has now its own updater for the contents and the programm.



This is a program in german which is only usefull for users who are speaking german fluently. It is a program which manages the whole content of our journal "Die Zinnfigur" as full text as well as its summary. Search and find all you may find in more than 900 books of history and tinn figures.


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A free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger.
Is also compatible to Vista and Win 7

 This is a little but usefull program, which copies any part of your screen into the clipboard, onto the harddisk or the printer.
Merles Rechenpuzzle

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Merles Rechenpuzzle - A free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger (now new german ortography)

You may make your owm pictures for this game by the online help.

 This little program trains the ability to calculate and write for children between 6 and 9 jears. They have to make a puzzle by solving exercises. It is written in german so it may also train the german language for older people.

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 Surfcoll.Exe A free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger
 This program may run in the background if you are surfing in the internet. It collects every text wich is copied into the clipboard. So you only have to mark a text wich is interesting you and copy it into the clipboard and in the same moment it is collected in the surfcollector from where you may save it or print it out.

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 Picview.Exe A free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger  This program prints any usual grafic in its best quality in a size 1:1 if you tell picview its resolution (in which it was scanned or drawed).

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Piczoom2.Exe V.: Piczoom2 is a new version of Piczoom especially for Windows 7. because of a principial different programming Piczoom2 has a lot of more options then the old Piczoom. If you allready bought then old Piczoom you may now install Piczoom2 without payment. Else Piczoom2 costs 20 Euros

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Freeway.Exe V.: free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger

This is only interesting for german users. It helps to print german post "Freeway-tickets" (for parcels).

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 Legier.Exe A free offer of Zinnfiguren Rieger
New! With a really upgraded function to calculate alloys!
 Mixes alloys fast an simply, before the mould will become cold!