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Our cultural flat tin figures are produced traditionally. Each figure is casted by hand in moulds of slater. Our tin figures are made of a fine alloy composed of ca. 55% puter (Sn), ca. 39% lead (Pb) and some stibium (Sn).
Please notice that our figures historical figures and no toys for children!

I am Karl-Werner Rieger and without my wife Evelin I would be lost.

I produce flat figures in tin. I make all by myself from the beginning to the end or I begin somewhere in the process for you. The birth of a tin figure is an idea. then comes the important question: "Is it possible to create a flat figure from that idea?" If yes, often follows a long time of historical research. Than a drawing for the engraving is made which is traced onto a plate of slate. Now the relief of the figure is engraved into the slate. You still have to engrave another plate with the backside of the figure and you may cast an alloy of tin into the ready mould to get a blank figure. This figure has to be cleaned and painted. Often many figures are combined to a scene of a historical event or something else. This is called a diorama.